Frequently Asked Questions


What is a complete firearm?

A firearm containing any combination of the following is considered a complete firearm; barrel, receiver, frame or slide. 

What's the law state about shipping firearms?

"The Gun Control Act of 1968" allows the owner of a firearm to ship it to a Federal Firearm Licensee for firearm maintenance. The package must state "Adult Signature Required" on the shipping label. Firearms that are completely disassembled may be classified as gun parts for shipping purposes.    

What is a Disassembled Firearm?

A disassembled firearm is a weapon that has been completely dismantled. All pins, screws, wood, sights, plastic components, aluminum parts, springs, etc. have been removed from the firearm. Hexagonal or Octagonal barrels should be removed from the receiver. Round barrel removal usually isn't required unless   the receiver or frame is made of an alloy. Identify and separate carbon steel parts, aluminum parts, stainless steel parts, and plastic parts. Note: All firearms must be disassembled prior to applying any metal finish. 

Does Craftguard repair firearms?

Craftguard does some firearm repair. Generally, it's limited to minor gunsmithing related to metal finishing. If you have a specific problem, call us at 319-232-2959 and ask for Travis. You may also send an email to   

Why fill out the Work Order Form?

The "Work Order Form" has information regarding the customer, payment options, shipping instructions, firearm information, type of finish, type of polish, special instructions, parts count, and itemized parts list. Craftguard recommends filling out the entire form. We understand it requires a few minutes of your time, however, it helps ensure the accuracy and improve the efficiency of your order.   

Need additional assistance?

Please feel free to reach out to us. We offer additional products and services not listed on our website.